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Anti Bullying

The LAB and Staff at Springfield School and The Meadows School are committed to providing a safe and secure school environment for all our pupils and staff.

It is not an expectation of the school that staff or pupils are subjected to physical or verbal abuse or harassment in any form.

The LAB and Staff believe that effective teaching and learning occurs when pupils and staff feel safe and happy and free from anxiety and stress that arises from violent, aggressive or bullying behaviour.


“Bullying means a person or group of people doing nasty or unkind things to someone on purpose. It happens more than just once. The victim finds it is difficult to stop. It can happen face to face or online.”

The Family Support Team are available at any time to discuss any concerns and welcome and encourage families, parents, carers to get in touch at the earliest opportunity.

Anti-Bullying underpins our school values, our vision is to create learning environments where every young person is engaged, can be enterprising and successful in their community, both today and in their future adult life. All staff, parents and children are taught to be kind and respectful to each other and this is evident within our school environment.

Our Antibullying Policies can be downloaded and read using the links below.

Anti Bullying Policy

Childrens Anti Bullying Policy

You can also look at the additional advise and support available using the links below.