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Manor Hall Academy Trust

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Richard Redgate, Chief Executive, Manor Hall Academy Trust.

July 2020

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Thank you for your interest in the Manor Hall Academy Trust.

The Manor Hall Academy Trust is a growing Multi Academy Trust.  The strength of the Trust and its distinctive feature is that it is a Collaborative Educational Trust between Special Schools who meet a range of needs. Schools, working together with the same values creating secure foundations for the future. Historically, the special school sector has been a strength in Staffordshire. This was in no small part down to how special schools worked together in collaboration. We believe this strength is something we cannot lose and that special schools share common problems and issues which require similar solutions. In the future, the growth of the Manor Hall Trust and its Special School membership can only be to the benefit of the individual schools and most importantly the children and young adults. We also recognise that historic boundaries are gradually disappearing and we are open to working with schools across the West Midlands.

All of the academies within our Trust are willing partners who have actively chosen to join us.  Therefore there is a high degree of commitment, co-operation and consensus from within the member academies.

As a newly established Multi Academy Trust (September 2015) evolving in capacity, all academy leaders sit on an advisory group of Head teachers, accountable to the Trust Board of Directors.  Therefore, all academies have an influence on Multi Academy Trust developments and a voice in shaping the future.  Academies within the Multi Academy Trust have leadership from likeminded head teachers, who have shared values, beliefs and high expectations and aspirations for children and young adults.

The Manor Hall Trust is outward looking. We believe we have a responsibility to all pupils not just those in our immediate care. Our schools work pro-actively in their localities with many mainstream schools. The Trust is inclusive, forward thinking and would welcome mainstream schools becoming members. We know many mainstream schools share our values and would help us develop further as a collaborative group of schools.

Academies within the Multi Academy Trust have Local Advisory Councils (previously LGB’s) who retain local accountability for individual academies.  All of our academies have a full Scheme of Delegation to support autonomy.  All academies have their own distinctive ethos and preserving these unique characteristics is a commitment to every school when they convert to join the Trust. 

As the Manor Hall Academy Trust embeds its operational systems it continues to look to expand.  There is a commitment to encourage mainstream schools to join the membership.  This would be a great opportunity for mainstream schools to make their mark and work with special schools colleagues; especially in these times of SEND reforms and transformation.

To find out more about the Trust, or individual academies, please take a look through the pages of our website; if this germinates any seeds of interest in terms of joining the Trust, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your time.

Richard Redgate



The Manor Hall Academy Trust was incorporated in September 2015 as a Multi-Academy Trust and is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity.

The commitment of the Trust is working together, within a community based on mutual respect.  The Manor Hall Academy Trust currently has 6 special school academies which are geographically efficient.


The defining feature of the Manor Hall Academy Trust is that it is a Special Schools Trust.  This means that the work of the Trust is driven by the distinctive needs of Special Schools. [We are also very keen to welcome aboard mainstream schools].  Whilst the Trust has robust systems for accountability, each academy has their own distinctive culture. 

The Manor Hall Academy Trust is a Collaborative Educational Trust, with all academies being partners who have chosen to join.  This collaborative model offers the following features:

  • Academies serving the needs of special school pupils
  • Like minded educationalists with similar visions, aspirations and high expectations for children.
  • Academies within a practical geographical footprint.
  • A Multi Academy Trust which is not mandated but can evolve organically, empowering schools to have a voice on developments and in shaping the future.
  • A model of governance which enables academies to have a sense of belonging and of being valued.
  • A Scheme of Delegation which supports autonomy for good/outstanding academies.

The model of governance enables head teachers/principals and their deputies, to meet half-termly, through the forum of the Head teachers Advisory Board to Directors.  The purpose of this group is to deal swiftly with operational issues but also provide a think tank for strategic development, as the Multi Academy Trust evolves. 


Together for Improvement


An ethos of learning, achieving and caring is at the heart of everything we do.  All academies in the Trust, strive to provide a learning environment, where pupils can make the best possible progress in all aspects of their lives.  This is achieved through a relevant and engaging curriculum, high expectations and quality teaching.

Our work is underpinned by the following core aims:

  • To provide a happy and secure environment for learning, providing for the individual needs of all children, enabling them to reach their potential.
  • To have high expectations for all children, in all aspects of their development.
  • To provide opportunities for children to achieve success; this is frequently celebrated and enhanced through a wide range of experiences and activities.
  • To provide holistic care, support and guidance in partnership with parents/carers and inter-agency co-operation.
  • To prepare children for their next stage of learning and to be as independent as possible.
  • To promote the building of relationships with peers and staff, good manners and mutual respect.


  • Be the best they can
  • Enjoy school
  • Be independent as possible, resilient and respectful of self and others
  • Be happy and confident
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Build relationships with peers and adults
  • Be ready for their next life stage


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