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COVID Updates and Information

We were pleased to welcome back all our pupils and students to the school.  We have spent a lot of time making plans and preperations for how we will keep all our children and young people as safe as we can.  You can read the details of these plans in the  Risk Assessment (updated 8.3.2021) and in the Control Measures (updated 12.1.2021) Our Family Hub has its own Family Hub control measures (click to open).  We have put many things in place to reduce the risks but we do need our young people, parents and carers to help us which is why we have set out ways you can support us and each other in our Home School Expectations.

We will be trying to provide as broad and balanced curriculum as we can. Providing activities that engage and interest whilst making sure that pupils and students learn in a supportive way about the world around them and current events.  Our priority is to make sure that every young persons wellbeing is monitored and where they need support they get it, quickly and effectively.  We have set out what we will do in our Recovery curriculum policy, our Recovery curriculum plan

Obviously the risks will change as we move through this academic year.  We may at times have to be more restrictive to manage greater risk or less restrictive, providing more activities and experiences.  Things will change at short notice as we have experienced before.  We will keep parents and carers up to date by publishing important information letters here at regular intervals.


Updates to school opening

Quick guide for parents/carers regarding when to keep your child and yourself at home with Covid symptoms

Letter to parents dated 8th July 2020 - regarding returning to school in September

Letter to parents dated 8th September 2020

Letter to parents dated 6th January 2021 - regarding lockdown

Letter to parents dated 8th January - Latest Update


The UK Government website also have up to date information on how COVID is currently impacting Education, as well as other aspects of everyday life. You will also find official advice on how to protect yourself and those around you and how to apply for a test should you become unwell.

Public Health England have key points on how schools should quickly identify and contain any potential COVID outbreak.


Lateral Flow Testing

LFT Home Testing Privacy Notice

LFT Home Testing Risk Assessment

COSHH Information for Extraction Fluid

How To Test

Staff Letter

Introduction to Testing


If you need any support or advice on coping with these unprecedented times please do contact our Family Hub. Understandably, you may find you feel anxious, worried, or isolated.  Or you may be worried about a matter relating to your child or homelife, you can of course contact our family support team leader, Sarah Rubanski who will help wherever possible.

Just try and remember that we are all in this together and we will get through it together.

Our family support website has details of how they can be contacted.



F.A.Q's For Parents

Feb 2021 - Letter From Jonathan Price (Cabinet Member for Education (and SEND) regarding children returning to school on March 8th 2021